Shrimp Grilled Cheese! – Takes 1 and 2

Catching the end of National Grilled Cheese month, I finally decided to buy some ingredients and make a grilled cheese sandwich or two. Late at night, I was struck with the idea of adding shrimp to my grilled cheese, and after a whirl on google and a consultation with my good friend Faith, I had a grilled cheese plans: shrimp, bacon, tomato, and cheddar.

Worried that the shrimp needed a bit of kick, I decided to do two sandwiches: one with bacon wrapped shrimp and another with Sriracha on shrimp!

Step one:  prep the fixins and assemble the meats.  I hit up Whole Foods for Applewood smoked bacon and EZ peel shrimp.  I decided 3 shrimp per sandwich would be good and went to wrappin.


Next, I got the George Foreman ready.  I grilled the bacon first, and then the shrimp in the bacon grease.


They aren’t done until they’re nice and pink!


Afterward, I put on the bacon wrapped shrimp.

Now that the shrimp is grilled, it’s time for a lil Sriracha love.

Meanwhile, I got to assembling the cheddar (yes, it’s Kraft singles) and tomato slicing (a skill I need to work on.)


Step two:  We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other.

Step three: Assembly time!  I wasn’t sure what was the best way to layer everything, so I winged it.






Annnnd repeat, with the bacon wrapped shrimp.

The final result!

And a closeup of all the cheesy, shrimp, bacon goodness.

The verdict? I thought it was great!  I think it would be better if I sliced the shrimp in half and spread them more evenly over the sandwich.  I preferred the bacon wrapped shrimp because it had a stronger bacon flavor. I loved the way the Sriracha tasted blended into the melted cheddar. Again, if the shrimp were halved first, the Sriracha would be more evenly distributed.  (And I’d use mooooooore Sriracha!)

Take 3? Caribbean jerk marinated shrimp.


2 thoughts on “Shrimp Grilled Cheese! – Takes 1 and 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh WOW what a great sandwich! You and your friend Faith must be gangsta gormet geniuses! I had no idea it was National Grilled Cheese month, or even that such a great month existed.. I can’t wait to get grillin’ and cheesin’ myself!
    Hope to see more posts from you muffinjessica… can’t wait to see what you do for National Frittata Week!

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